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Welcome to my first ever blog. I created this website to express myself and tell my story. Although it’s not terribly exciting it migh help other people out there who are expirencing the same things…

I can feel this is going to be the start of something awesome.


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Music of the week…

I have been listening to loads of music lately and I’ve been singing non stop. I think I’ve annoyed everyone…oh well.

I want to recommend a few songs…

> I Wish by R Kelly 

> Dive by Ed Sheeran

> For A Boy by Rae Lyn

> Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick

> Complicated by Avril Lavigne

If you have any songs for me comment, I would love to listen to them! 

On to the blog………….

Hey, how everyone’s day going?

Today is Friday, the best day of the week in my opinion. It’s the end of the week, no school for two days. 

And CHIP DAY!!!!!

For anyone reading this from a different country, fish and chips is like tradition on a Friday in England. By the way chips are French fries. 

One week left until we break up for Easter for two weeks! So we are cramming work like no bodies business. 

But I’ve been stressed out for other reasons too. My best friend recently got a new boyfriend and they’ve only been going out for one week and she’s already ditching me. I feel really left left out. Any advice on what I should do?

We’ve been best friends for ten years and she’s picking a boy over me. I don’t know what to do. I mean I have other friends but their not like her. It doesn’t help that the boy she’s going out with was a boy I liked in the first place, but I’m over him. He’s a bit of a jerk really.

But this other boy I like has just onouced that he has a new girlfriend. And she’s gorgeous. He’s lucky to have her. That’s what I’ve been telling myself but it doesn’t work. 

Now I’m rambling. 

I hope this blog was ok as it’s like one of my firsts. It will get better I promise as I’ll start to add videos as I’m in a band.

Bye my freaky little darlings and I’ll see you next time,

Mamma Doe 💋

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